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About us

House Tuning(HT) is a new Online store in the market that sell  Light bars, Headlights, Work lights, Driving lights, Fog lights, Bulbs ... ALL IN LED LIGHTS, for every model Vehicle lights system. It is a new innovative website that wants to provide drivers with high and quality LED lights for their vehicles to make their lives easier.

House Tuning just wants to help every driver with advanced technology and creative ideas. They van Tune Up their Vehicle Lights at Home as our name says it all. They don’t need to waste extra money and time looking for professional people to do the work when they can do it for themselves. An important reason we open Online Store business, is because we want to bring you Good quality lights and good price for every Driver.

Finding high quality product is never so easy sometimes when quality is good the prices are way out of the range and if prices are good the quality is really poor. That is why we want to give all the drivers out there a platform which knows how to balance between the two.

It is an amazing platform with widest range of LED lights for different vehicles and for drivers and their needs. We have a team which is dedicated and experienced. We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop on our online store by offering quality products with top rated customer service. We value the needs of our customers and their requirements. We do not compromise on our quality and standards’, offering our customers the best products possible. We have a wide variety of goods in very affordable budget range. Our selection is sure to inspire and impress. We understand the value of time and money hence we make online shopping easy and readily answers your entire queries.

To see more about LED Lights knowledge, please go to the FAQ pages.