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  • Why House Tuning LED lights write use CREE LED's?

CREE LED's is HT Lights use the LEDs chips. CREE based in the USA, designed in the USA and set the standards for the HIGHEST Quality LED! CREE is by far the leading innovator of lighting-class LED’s…period!  CREE Led's Life more +50000hrs, brighter more than 1times than Epistar chips.

  • How to Know LED's is CREE brand?

CREE Chips if you use Eye to see inside Center there have a "X" logo, this on XBD,XTE
series LED's will all easy to look. If you buy someone sell the lights write use CREE LED's but when you got don't saw this mark, congratulations you buy a "Good" lights.
More detail about CREE, please you can found on CREE company Website.

  • What is Spot beam, Flood Beam, Combo beam, driving beam?
Spot beam on HT Lights we have 8 degree,15 degree,30Degree.Degree more small, the beam will more spot, and Light distance will more far.
Flood beam On HT Lights we have 45 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree. Degree more big,
the beam light range will more wide, and distance will short.
Combo beam most use on LED Light bars, On HT dual row Lights/single row Light bars all use Combo design, Combo its Spot/Flood.
Driving Beam we design for our HT Lights.
  • Can I run HT Lights in 14 volt A/C signal? Or A/C wall outlet?

Nosh Lights all design for DC Voltage. Connection to an A/C will very likely permanently damage the light.

  • HT LED LIGHTS can use Outdoor? Are these lights Waterproof IP68 or IP67?

All HT Lights can use outdoor; we use Professional Outdoor Powder coat, and 304 Stainless Steel Hardware. And all our Light bars waterproof IP67, mostly Lights all Pass Waterproof IP68.So don't worry outdoor or Rain used, our lights use for boats.

  •  Why Choose From House Tuning?

    Choosing and installing LED bars to improve lighting is a different ball. First-           of-all, you will be exposing your lights to the rugged and rough terrains. Secondly, you desire to enjoy high quality lighting at all times. Thirdly, you want to spend the minimal price but get maximum satisfaction. To help you achieve this, we stock high-quality products that have been tested and shown to be 80% energy efficient and assure you of high performance. Our lights come with a wider color spectrum and are easy to mount. You also don't have to worry about the performance since their lifespan can reach 50,000 hours.